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BOGAN Shire is a local government area in the Orana region of New South Wales, Australia. The Shire is located adjacent to the Mitchell and Barrier highways and its only significant town is Nyngan. The Municipality of Nyngan was proclaimed on 17 February 1891 with Nyngan having a population of 1,355. In 1906 the Bogan Shire was incorporated. The Bogan Shire and the Nyngan municipality amalgamated in 1972.

In 2015, the Bogan Shire Council, wanted to exploit its link to the often-derogatory label by building a “big bogan” statue. Thus a “Big Bogan” statue was unveiled in NSW town of Nyngan. Joining Australia’s grand list of all things big – from a pineapple to a koala – comes the Big Bogan, who stands proud with his mullet, stubbies, singlet and a Southern Cross tattoo in the NSW town of Nyngan. Locals were keen to admire their new five-metre-tall icon, who’s a bit of a fishing enthusiast type of bloke with his rod, fish and an esky at his thonged feet.


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