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Tenterfield Novelty Number Plate

Aluminium with embossed border


TENTERFIELD is a regional town in NSW New England region known as the birthplace of Australia as its here that Sir Henry Parkes made his famous 1889 speech calling for Australia’s federation. The Tenterfield Oration is credited as being decisive in propelling the Australian colonies towards federation in 1901. You can visit the Sir Henry Parkes Memorial School of Arts, now a National Trust museum, where the Father of Federation gave his stirring speech.

Also well known for Peter Allen – “The Boy from Oz” – born Peter Woolnough on 10 February 1944 at the Prince Albert Memorial Hospital in Tenterfield, Peter Allen became one of Australia’s most internationally recognised entertainer and composer. His gift to the town became one of Australia’s most recognised songs “Tenterfield Saddler”, featuring his grandfather and local identity, George Woolnough, and taking our town to the Interntional stage.

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