Lake Macquarie

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Lake Macquarie Novelty Number Plate

Aluminium with embossed border


LAKE MACQUARIE or Awaba is Australia’s largest coastal salt water lake. Located in the Hunter Region of NSW, it covers an area of 110 sqkm and is connected to the Tasman Sea by a short channel. Most of the residents of the City of Lake Macquarie live near the shores of the lake. It’s twice as large as Sydney Harbour and is one of the largest salt water lagoons in the Southern Hemisphere.  The lake is of irregular shape and the land separating it from the ocean is only a few kms wide along most of its length. While there are several small, sandy, low-level islets in the lake, some of which are grouped near the mouth, Pulbah Island, located south of Swansea is a large island offering views from rocky cliffs. Lake Macquarie is connected to the sea by two channels, Swansea Channel and Lake Entrance.

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