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DEVENISH has become famous with nomads due to “The Silo Art Trail”. Its very lovely Silos artwork was unveiled on Anzac Day Eve 2018 and coincides with the 100 year centenary of the end of the First World War. The artwork is of both a First World War nurse and a modern day combat medic. Fifty young men and women from the Devenish community enlisted in military service for the First World War. April 2019 has seen the third silo installation completed with recognition to the Lighthorse men. The Silo’s were completed by artist Cam Scale.

Devenish, a rural village in north-east Victoria, is 25 km north of Benalla and a little short of half way between Benalla and Yarrawonga. It was named after the local survey parish, itself presumably named after Devenish Island, Lough Erne, Ireland.

Devenish was part of the district known as Major Plains. In October 1836 the New South Wales Surveyor-General, Thomas Mitchell, passed by the south of the plains (ie near Benalla) on his return journey from the Port Phillip district. Major Plains came under pastoral occupation with the Goorambat and Mokoan runs (1844) and farm selections began in the early 1870s. Devenish parish was mapped in 1873 and the Major Plains school opened in 1876. Other local schools were Devenish West (1874-1943), Devenish East (1879-1931) and finally Devenish North (1876) which became plain Devenish, and continues (8 pupils, 2014)

The railway from Benalla reached Devenish in 1883 and settled any question about the place of a future township. The Railway Hotel dates from 1874, a Methodist church began in 1885 and the Devenish Agricultural and Pastoral Society held its first show in 1886. The shows continued until 1901. A Hibernian hall opened in 1904.

Visit the Agricultural Museum, General Store and the Devenish Hotel. Contact the Benalla Visitor Information Centre for opening hours.


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